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Periodical: The Truthseeker
IAPSOP Curator: Marc Demarest
Genre and Format: Monthly, then weekly, newspaper
Associated Editors and Contributors: D. M. Bennett
Bibliographical and Historical Information: Early and important anti-Christian "liberal" atheist/free-thought newspaper.
Issues1873 (complete)
1874 (complete)
1875 (complete)
1876 (complete)
1877 (complete)
1878 (complete)
1879 (complete)
1880 (complete)
1881 (complete)
1882 (complete)
1883 (complete)
1884 (complete)
1885 (complete)
1886 (complete)
1887 (complete)
1888 (complete)
1889 (complete)
1890 (complete)
1891 (complete)
1892 (complete)
1893 (complete)
1894 (complete)
1895 (complete)

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