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Periodical: Das Wort (St. Louis)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Wort, Das.
A Magazine Devoted to Divine Science and Practical Christianity / Eine deutsch-amerikanische Monatsschrift gewidmet dem Studium der Göttlichen Wissenschaft und deren praktischen Ansandung im Heilen und Entwickelung des geistigen Lebens / A German Monthly Magazine devoted to the Christ's way of living and healing.
All things were made by the word; and without it was not any thing made that was made (varies)
Other titles: The Word--Das Wort
1894--1927? Monthly
St. Louis, MO. Language: German and English. Publisher: Missouri College of Diviine Science. Editor: Rev. H.H. Schroeder, editor and publisher.
1/1, January 1894-1927(?) $1.00-$1.25 a year in America, $1.25 (5 Marks) in Germany, 24 pp.

Hartmann's Who's Who continued to list the journal as late as 1927. Herman Heinrich Schroeder was a German-language publisher and bookseller in St. Louis and one of the earliest disciples of Malinda E. Cramer's Divine Science, of which this journal was an original proponent. The advertisements for the journal in German called it without distinction a "Monatschrift fur die christliche Wissenschaft" (Neue Metaphysische Rundschau, 1898), but later amended that to read "eine Monatschrift für die gottlichee Wissenschaft und praktische Christenthum und geistige Heilkunde," and it was as "Practical Christianity" that Schroeder's version of New Thought spread in the United States. Schroeder founded the First Divine Science Church of St. Louis, and president of the Missouri College of Divine Science and minister of the church and the associated Society of Practical Christianity (or of Divine Science), which held services in English and German. On Divine Science, see the notes under Harmony and Divine Science Weekly. The journal proclaimed its purpose as "to explain the universal truth of being, and to make it comprehensible to man, because knowledge and the word of truth frees from all falsity." It contained the expected articles on "Truth and Health" ("There is Nothing to Fear"), "Memory Culture,""Love," etc., a Teachers' and Healers' Directory mainly consisting of what appear to be graduates of Schroeder's college, and contributions by those same teachers and by Paul Militz (whose works Schroeder published), Fannie B. James (the sister of Nona L. Brooks), Hannah More Kohaus, Ursula Gestefeld, Oliver Sabin, Josephine Verlage, and others. The journal contained regular advertisements for Benedict Lust's New York Kneipp Nature Healing Institute, and for the works of Fannie B. James, Charles W. Close, M.E. Cramer, H. Emilie Cady, Annie Rix Militz, and others. Noted or advertised in Harmony, 1896, The Life, January 1902, Theosophisches Leben, 1907, and in The Nautilus, 1917, Divine Science Weekly, January 1919. LOC.

Issues:Wort St Louis V9 N7 Jul 1902
Wort St Louis V9 N8 Aug 1902
Wort St Louis V9 N9 Oct 1902
Wort St Louis V9 N10 Sep 1902
Wort St Louis V9 N11 Nov 1902
Wort St Louis V9 N12 Dec 1902 Plus Covers And Ad Pages

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