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Periodical: The Western Star

Summary: Editor: Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899). Contributors: Britten, Elizabeth L. Watson, "Austria", "Asmodeus", "Vesper" (Britten), "Osiris", William Denton, "Greyfriars", "Herschel", William Brunton, "Sirius" (as distinct from "Austria").

EHB's first attempt at periodical literature, as editor, prior to The Two Worlds and The Unseen Universe. Published in Broomfield Street, Boston, a block or so away from The Banner of Light. Short-lived, either due to lack of funds or to the Boston Fire of 1872, depending on which version of events one believes.

Intended primarily as a promotional vehicle for Britten's Modern American Spiritualism (1870), and chiefly noteworthy for containing the first sections of what would become Ghost Land (1876), one of the founding documents of Modern Occultism, published here serially, by "Austria", and for the first appearance in print of "Sirius", who will become conflated with the author of Art Magic (1876) and a frequent contributor to The Two Worlds.

Issues:Western Star July 1872
Western Star August 1872
Western Star September 1872
Western Star October 1872
Western Star November 1872
Western Star December 1872

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