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Periodical: Star Lore

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Star Lore and Future Events.
1897--1903 Monthly, irregular
London, England. Publisher: Glen & Co. Editor: Zedekiel; By the Editor Zadkiel's Almanac (Alfred J. Pearce).
1/1, January 1897- March 1903. 3d. a copy.

This was edited by Alfred J. Pearce (1840-1923), a homeopathic physician and astrologer, who had edited Zadkiel's Almanac since 1875. Pearce was on the "scientific" side of contemporary astrology, as contrasted with the more occult interpretations of others, and the journal reflects those views. Each issue carried an editorial by Pearce, usually setting forth his differences with the two fronts on which he felt he was warring to preserve a prognosticative role for astrology in the face of "materialistic" science while avoiding the detailed minutiae of mere fortune telling. "This MAGAZINE is the only one published in Great Britain devoted to pure ASTROLOGY -- that is to say, Astrologia Sana -- which is based on the solid rock of NATURE. The two other magazines are devoted to an obsolete system of astrology, superseded 250 years ago. To exclude natural astrology from the circle of the sciences merely because it is rejected by materialistic scientific societies on the ground that it is absurd prima รก facie, and because it has been corrupted by pretenders who make use of it solely for the purpose of fortune-telling, is to blind one's self to one of the mainsprings of Nature, and to reject invaluable foreknowledge which would enable nations and individuals to avoid many calamities." Each issue contained rectified horoscopes of prominent figures (Queen Victoria, Emile Zola, and the like), discussions of the astrological implications of notable events like earthquakes in India, fires in Paris, etc., warnings foreseen coming events, etc. Pearce also edited Urania and the Future. Noted in The Horoscope, January 1903. BL; Northwestern University.

Issues:Star Lore N1 Jan 1897
Star Lore N2 Feb 1897
Star Lore N3 Mar 1897
Star Lore N4 Apr 1897
Star Lore N5 May 1897
Star Lore N6 Jun 1897
Star Lore N7 Jul 1897
Star Lore N8 Aug 1897
Star Lore N10 Oct 1897

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