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Periodical: Journal du Magnetisme [Durville]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Journal du Magnetisme.
Journal du magnetisme et de la psychologie; Journal du magnetisme, du massage et de la psychologie; Journal du magnetisme et du psychisme experimental.
Other titles: Journal du Magnetisme et de la Psychologie / Journal du Magnetisme, du Massage et de la Psychologie / Journal du Magnetisme et du Psychisme Experimental
1879-1934 Weekly, then bimonthly, quarterly and monthly Language: French. Editor: Hector Durville (1849-1923), then Henri Durville (1887-1963); Fabius de Champville.
Succeeds: Journal du Magnetisme (1845-1861); Revue Magnetique (Paris, 1878); Revue du Psychisme Experimental (1911)
Corporate author: Societe Magnetique de France / Organe de la Societe Psychique Internationale
1/1, May 10, 1879-June 1934. 7-4 francs a year, 16 pp.

Hector Durville intended this as the successor of the homonymous journal founded by Jules Dupotet in 1861. It was called second series. Listed in Notes and Queries, January 1900, as one of the official organs of Papus's Union Idealiste Universelle. The masthead listed H.P. Blavatsky, Charles Fauvety, Stanislaus de Guaita, and Stainton Moses as founding members of the Societe Magnetique de France, and listed her as a correspondent, along with Abbe Roca, Dr. Babbitt, W. Crookes, Max Dessoir, J. Peladan, Pietro d'Amico, Rene Caillie, and others. Johns Hopkins University; BNF microfilm; Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon.; Johns Hopkins University; Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information; University of Utah.

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Journal Du Magnetisme 1888 Partial
Journal Du Magnetisme 1889 Partial
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