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Periodical: The Herald of the Golden Age

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Herald of the Golden Age, The.
An Illustrated Monthly.
Other titles: Herald of the Golden Age and British Health Review
1896-1918 Monthly, then quarterly
Paignton, then Illfracombe, England. Publisher: Order of the Golden Age. Editor: Sidney Hartnoll Beard (1862-1938).
Corporate author: Official journal of the Order of the Golden Age1/1, January 25, 1896-October 1918. 1/6 a year. Fifty cents a year.

After 1910 the journal adds "British Health Review" to the title. The advertisement for this in The Temple, December 1897, says that the "journal challenges the morality of Carnivorous Customs and advocates Practical Christianity, Hygienic Common Sense, Social Reform, Philanthropy and Universal Benevolence. It is opposed to War, Slaughter, Cruelty and Oppression, and is designed to promote Goodness, but not goody goodyism, and Orthodoxy of Heart, rather than Orthodoxy of Creed." Reuben Swinburne Clymer (1878-1966) describes the journal as "the greatest and only real Humanitarian magazine published." The Initiates 1/3 (June 1908): 88, and S.C. Gould’s "Arcane Societies in the United States" says it is the organ of the Order of the Golden Age, which, among other things, advocated vegetarian. Clymer, always seeking to manufacture a coherent, worldwide hierarchy of initiates and to people the slots in the various hierarchies of three, five, seven, fifteen, etc., elevated Beard, whose Order of the Golden Age seems to have limited its aims to vegetarianism and hygienic living, to be Supreme Grand Master of the Fraternity of the Rosy Cross for England. Clymer also implies that Beard had been assisted in his work by Hargrave Jennings -- both unlikely claims. Contributions by Prentice Mulford. LOC.

Issues:Herald Of The Golden Age V8 N10 1903 Oct
Herald Of The Golden Age V8 N11 1903 Nov
Herald Of The Golden Age V8 N12 1903 Dec
Herald Of The Golden Age V10 N4 1905 Oct
Herald Of The Golden Age V12 N1 1908 Jan
Herald Of The Golden Age V13 N6 1913 Apr

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