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Periodical: The Exodus

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Exodus, The.
Devoted to the Systematic Exposition of the Science of Being, with Directions for its Practical Demonstration and Composed of Editorial Matter Only / A Monthly Magazine devoted to the Systematic Exposition of the Science of Being and to the Leading Questions of the New Thought Movement.
1897--1904 Monthly, intermittent
Pelham, NY, and then Chicago, IL. Publisher: Alliance Publishing Company / Gestefeld Publishing Company / Market Place Publishing Co. / Exodus Publishing Company. Editor: Ursula Newell Gestefeld, editor; Harry Gestefeld, associate editor.
Corporate author: Exodus Society/ Church of the New Thought / College of the Science of Being / The Ursula Club
1/1, January 1897-December 1894, 32-36 pp., $1.00 a year.

The journal was not printed for most of 1900 and 1901 because, as the editor said, she was on "vacation." Gestefeld (1845-1921) was a journalist and early Christian Science convert who broke with Mary Baker Eddy in 1888 (publishing Jesuitism in Christian Science in Chicago in that year). She then went on to be a prolific New Thought lecturer, at first before her Exodus Club ($25 a year dues) and then her Church of the New Thought. She called her system "Science of Being" and its organ was The Exodus. Gestefeld also was a Theosophist, and replied strongly (in The Path, February 1892) to an attack on her Science of Being as a form of Black Magic. She was a passionate feminist and contributed to The Woman's Bible (1895). Contributions by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Henry Wood, Eugene Del Mar, and others. She was notable among reformers / spiritualists / New Thought advocates for denouncing socialism as a form of materialism that attempts to impose unselfishness and brotherly love without regard to the essential personal change. Chicago History Museum; University of North Carolina.

Issues:The Exodus V4 N3 Mar 1903

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