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Periodical: Esoteric
IAPSOP Curator: Marc Demarest
Dates: July 1887 to September 1899
Genre and Format: Weekly/monthly journal of Christian Esotericism, produced by Hiram Erastus Butler and members of his Society Esoteric/Esoteric Fraternity group, first in Boston and later in Applegate, California. Superceded by the Occult and Biological Journal.
Associated Editors and Contributors: Hiram Erastus Butler, Eli Clinton Ohmart.
Bibliographical and Historical Information: Should be read in context with The Occult and Biological Journal, The Bible Review, and The Christian Esoteric, which are all Society Esoteric/Esoteric Fraternity publications.
IssuesEsoteric V1: July 1887 - June 1888
Esoteric V2: July 1888 - June 1889
Esoteric V3: July 1889 - June 1890
Esoteric V1: July 1890 - June 1891
Esoteric V5: July 1891 - June 1892
Esoteric V6: July 1892 - June 1893
Esoteric V7: July 1893 - June 1894
Esoteric V8: July 1894 - June 1895
Esoteric V9: July 1895 - June 1896
Esoteric V10: July 1896 - June 1897
Esoteric V11: July 1897 - June 1898
Esoteric V12: July 1898 - June 1899
Esoteric V13: July 1899 - September 1899

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