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Periodical: The Character Builder

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Character Builder.
For Home and School. A Magazine devoted to Physical, Intellectual, Social, Moral and Spiritual Training / A Journal of Human Culture and Hygeio-Therapy / An Educational Journal for Everybody / Devoted to Personal and Social Betterment.
Salt Lake City; UT, Independence, MO; Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: Human Culture Company; Character Builder League. Editor: John T. Miller; Nephi Y. Schofield, F.A.I.P., and Mrs. M.K. Miller, associate editors.
Succeeds: Journal of Hygeio-Therapy (Kokomo, Indiana)
1/1, May 1902. $1.00 a year, 36 pp.

Originally two volumes a year were issued beginning with volume 1 in 1902, and then the volumes were numbered sequentially with the numbering (1-16) of the Journal of Hygeio-Therapy of Kokomo, Indiana, which the journal absorbed. “Reformed” spelling. This was a Mormon version of Fowler and Wells’ Phrenological Journal. Schofield was a graduate of their American Institute of Phrenology and Miller was a “first-class Scientific Phrenologist” of the Haddock Institute of Phrenology in San Francisco. It offered articles of general interest and progressive thought on diet, education, current fashions, “drugless medication,” “prenatal culture,” court reform, and the like, as well as regular excerpts from the writings of J.H. Kellogg, and sketches of prominent reformers and phrenologists like Newton N. Riddell. As did many of its contemporary journals, the Human Culture Company offered its subscribers a discount book-buying Character Building Club, a Human Culture Institute, a Human Culture League (promoting “psycho-diagnosis”), and the like, and also promoted its own stock. Noted in William C. Hartmann’s Who’s Who in Occult, Psychic and Spiritual Realms (1925).

Issues:Character Builder V17 N6 Jun 1904
Character Builder V17 N7 Jul 1904
Character Builder V17 N9 Sep 1904
Character Builder V17 N11 Nov 1904
Character Builder V18 N1 Jan 1905
Character Builder V18 N2 Feb 1905
Character Builder V18 N10 Oct 1905
Character Builder V18 N11 Nov-dec 1905
Character Builder V19 N7 Jul 1906
Character Builder V21 N1 Jan 18 1908
Character Builder V21 N11 May 9 1908
Character Builder V21 N12 May 20 1908
Character Builder V21 N18 Sep 12 1908
Character Builder V21 N19 Oct 17 1908
Character Builder V21 N20 Oct 24 1908
Character Builder V24 N11 Oct 1911

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