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Periodical: The Biological Review

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Biological Review, The.
A Monthly Repertory of the Science of Life.
1858--1859 Publisher: W. Freeman; William Horsell. Editor: Kenneth Robert Henderson Mackenzie, editor and publisher.
Succeeds: The Zoist
1/1, October 1858-January 1859, 4 nos. only.

Frank Podmore's Modern Spiritualism (1902), 2:24 says that this "was an organ of Spiritualism, homeopathy, electro-dentistry, astrology, Mesmerism, phrenology, 'and the Finer Physics generally.'" The content, Podmore adds, was written mainly by Mackenzie and the homeopahtic physician and Mesmerist Jacob Dixon. Contributions by R.J. Morison ("Zadkiel"). Mackenzie figures in all histories of the occult in the period. While he tried to make a living with translations and books on exotic lands, he really busied himself with his own automatic trance writing, seeing visions in magic mirrors, the Societas Rosicrucia, the Swedenborgian Rite, etc. Christopher Cooke in his Curiosities of Occult Literature (1861) notes (274) that the journal was originally to be entitled "The Pythagorean" and was intended to comprehend the work of The Zoist, which was devoted to Mesmerism, and to "connect and harmonize the results of practical science with the little understood laws governing the structure of man; and the symbol of the work was the Crux Ansata, or handled cross--the sign of immortality." Horsell (1807-1863), the publisher of this journal and of the British Spiritual Telegraph, the Spiritual Messenger and the Two Worlds, was an earnest and indefatigable enthusiast, a vegetarian, Chartist, radical progressive, and a believer in hydropathy and supporter of Temperance and phrenology, and published about 30 ephemeral journals on all these subjects. He was also the English publisher of Walt Whitman. Microfilm in BL, and copy in the (American) National Library of Medicine.

Issues:Biological Review V1 N1 Oct 1858
Biological Review V1 N2 Nov 1858
Biological Review V1 N3 Dec 1858
Biological Review V1 N4 Jan 1859

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