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Periodical: The Banner of Progress

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Banner of Progress, The.
1867—1869 Weekly
San Francisco, CA. Editor: Benjamin Todd and W.H. Manning.
1/1, January 12, 1867-1869.

The third spiritualist journal published in California. W.N. Slocum, "Progress of Spiritualism in California," Carrier Dove 4/1 (January 1887): 25-9 describes the principals as "Benjamin Todd, lecturer, and W.H. Manning, printer," and adds: "Owners fought and paper died." The Religio-Philosophical Journal for February 20, 1869, announced the journal's demise and Todd's appointment to the RPJ's own "Pacific Department." The Spiritual Light was begun to take the place of the Banner of Progress, but the new venture lasted only five issues. University of Rochester; University of California, Berkeley.

Issues:Banner of Progress V2 N3 Jan 25 1868
Banner of Progress V2 N4 Feb 1 1868

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