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Periodical: Azoth

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Philosophy, Theosophy, Mysticism, Psychical Research, Higher Thought and Occultism / The Occult Magazine of America, Prepared by Thinkers for Thinkers.
1917-1921 Monthly
New York, NY. Publisher: Azoth Publishing Company. Editor: Michael Whitty, assisted by Hereward Carrington (psychical research), Eugene Del Mar (New Thought), E. Daniel Lockwood (occultism), Frank C. Higgins (Masonry), Howard Underhill (astrology); Paul Foster Case, sub-editor.
1/1, January 1917-9/2, August 1921. 64 pp; 6 x 9 1/2. $4.00 a year.

The journal had regularly submissions by C.H.A. Bjerregaard (on occultism); Eugene Del Mar (on New Thought), Hereward Carrington (on parapsychology), Julia Seaton (on New Thought), "Amru" (on Theosophy), John Hazelrigg (on astral projection and astrology), Gertrude de Bielska (on astrology), Holden E. Sampson, Homer Curtis, E.W. Berridge, Theodore Schroeder (Ida Craddock's "Spiritual Joys"), etc. Despite its title, the journal seems to have avoided alchemy. It also featured several long articles by the Compte de MacGregor de Glenstrae (Samuel Liddell Mathers), on "The Real and True Rosicrucian Order" ("by its Head") and on "1917 in Exact Correspondence with the Ancient Egyptian Year." Whitty, the editor of the journal, was a Cancellarius of the Thoth-Hermes Lodge of Mathers' Alpha Omega group, and a friend of Paul Foster Case, an editor of and contributor to the journal and later the founder of the School of Ageless Wisdom and the Builders of the Adytum. Like many other journals, Azoth tried (almost certainly unsuccessfully) to raise money ($25,000) by a stock offering, to obtain 20,000 "good" subscribers. "Prospectus and Statement" 3/4 (October 1918): 241. Its final issues devoted increased space to Masonry. The journal marked the beginnings of the transformation of earlier New Thought and occult journals, which had been advocates of the practical application of the wisdom revealed or of the teachings of a particular teacher or approach, to a popular exposition of the occult in general as a topic of the general culture. LOC; NYPL microfilm; Northwestern University.

Issues:Azoth V7 N1 Jul 1920
Azoth V7 N2 Aug 1920
Azoth V7 N3 Sep 1920
Azoth V7 N4 Oct 1920
Azoth V7 N5 Nov 1920
Azoth V7 N6 Dec 1920
Azoth V8 N1 Jan 1921
Azoth V8 N2 Feb 1921
Azoth V8 N3 Mar 1921
Azoth V8 N4 Apr 1921
Azoth V8 N5 May 1921
Azoth V8 N6 Jun 1921
Azoth V9 N1 Jul 1921
Azoth V9 N2 Aug 1921

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