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Periodical: Auditor (Scientology)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Auditor, The.
The Saint Hill Journal of the Auditors Division / The Journal of Scientology.
1964 Irregular, monthly
East Grinstead, Essex, England, then Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: Church of Scientology, Saint Hill Foundation/HCO World Wide/Hubbard College of Scientology/Church of Scientology of California.
Editor: L. Ron Hubbard; Fred Hare; Judy Ziff; Tina Hawkins.
1/1, 1964-current. 4-12 pp. (varies widely). Free with membership.
Although originally intended for auditors in Scientology, the journal documented the growth and development of the movement, during and after the period of Hubbard's sojourn at Saint Hill in East Grinstead (1959-1966), beginning in 1964. It encouraged members to send news to the journal: "If it isn't in 'The Auditor' it didn't happen." It regularly listed the Scientology centers around the world and beginning in 1967 it listed the number and names of "clears" in the movement at the time of publication. The journal featured, in addition to articles by Hubbard and others and current news and events, extensive advertisements for his books, e-meters, power processing, car badges, Dianetics record album, study tapes, special briefing courses, discounted trial memberships, etc. Most issues, as with other Scientology publications, are not explicitly dated. BL; Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire, Strasbourg; University of Kansas.

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