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Periodical: Almanach de la Chance

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Almanach de la Chance, L'.
Other titles: Almanach de la Chance et de la Vie Mysterieuse
1905--1910 Annual
Paris, France. Language: French. Publisher: Librairie Fran├žaise / Hermetique.
Succeeds: Almanach du magiste
1/1, 1905-1910. 64 pp., 1 franc.

In 1910 the title changed to Almanach de la Chance et de la Vie Mysterieuse. This was intended as a sequel to Papus's Almanach du magiste, which ceased in 1899. Professor "Donato" is said to have been Alfred Edouard d'Hont, who was said to have died in 1900. See the note under La Vie Mysterieuse. Popular occult almanac, with visions, magical calendar, horoscopes, graphology, mesmerism, occult stories, etc., and a daily prognostication of favorable and unfavorable dates. In 1906, notably, it published "le main de fatime, une clef de la kabbale orientale," with a plate, which was said to show Cagliostro's infallible method of determining character through manipulation of numbers. Contributions by Phaneg, A. Savine, et al. Caillet 3557. BNF.

Issues:Almanach De La Chance 1906
Almanach De La Chance 1910

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