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You can browse the periodical archive by title, below. Materials include (a) important reports, (b) pamphlets, and (c) periodicals, all arranged by title. If the title of a periodical is present, but not linked, it means those materials are planned for archival, but not yet available.

Anne Braude's pathfinding 1990 checklist of American Spiritualist periodicals, "News from the Spirit World: A Checklist of American Spiritualist Periodicals 1847-1900," is accessible on the American Antiquarian Society's web site.

For free-text search of the materials on this site, use the Google-based search interface. Keep in mind that some periodicals archived here are not yet indexed, and therefore will not be returned in search results.

To contribute materials, or inquire about a periodical not yet available, contact the Editors.

A Age of Progress
American Rosae Crucis
American Society for Psychical Research, Proceedings Of
American Society for Psychical Research, Journal Of
American Theosophist
Annals of Psychical Science
Auras and Colors: An Esoteric System of Teaching Concerning Halos, Aureolas and the Nimbus (J. C. F. Grumbine, 1907, "10th Edition")
B Banner of Light
Bible Review, The
British Spiritual Telegraph
Brittan's Journal
Buchanan's Journal of Man (First and Second series)
C Carrier Dove
Christian Esoteric, The
Christian Spiritualist (SDSK)
Coming Day
Common Sense
Community's Journal, or Standard of Truth, The
D Daybreak Direct Voice
E Eastern Star
Etoile D'Oriente
Explanation and History of the Mysterious Communion with Spirits (Elias W. Capron and Henry D. Barron, 1850)
F Facts
Flaming Sword
G Gallery of Spirit Art
H Harbinger of Light
Herald of Light
Human Nature
I Instructive Light
J Journal of Progress
K Kingdom of Heaven
L Light
London Dialectical Society, Report Of
Lotus Bleu
M Magnet
Medium and Daybreak
Metaphysical Magazine
Mind and Matter
Mountain Pine
N New Californian Nichols' Monthly
O Occult and Biological Journal, The
Occult Magazine (Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor)
Occultism (The Key of Nature)
Occultist (Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor) Occultist (Celestial Brotherhood) Oracle (Boston)
P Pacific Theosophist
Path, The (Theosophical)
Phrenological Magazine
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Spirit Rappings (John Bunyan Campbell, 1851)
Psychological Review
R Report of the Mysterious Noises Heard in the House of Mr. John D. Fox (E. E. Lewis, 1848)
Religio-Philosophical Journal
Rosicrucian Brotherhood
S Sacred Circle
Seer, The
Seer and Celestial Reformer
Seybert Commission, Report Of
Society for Psychical Research, Proceedings of and Journal of
Spirit Messenger
Spirit of the Age
Spiritual Age
Spiritual Eclectic
Spiritual Herald
Spiritual Magazine (UK)
Spiritual Magazine (US)
Spiritual Manifestations
Spiritual Notes (UK)
Spiritual Philosopher
Spiritual Scientist
Spiritual Telegraph
Spiritualist (UK)
St. Louis Magnet
Suggestion Swastika
T Temple
Theosophical Forum
Theosophical Outlook
Theosophical Path
Theosophical Quarterly
Theosophical Review
Theosophist, The
Truthseeker, The
Two Worlds, The
Universal Brotherhood
Unseen Universe, The
V Vahan
W Western Star, The
Y Yearbook of Spiritualism
Yorkshire Spiritual Telegraph, The
Z Zoist, The

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